Closet Pants Rack

Closet Pants Rack


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Product Description

 Closet Pants Rack

               The closet pants rack :Do you want to be able to hang and store securely 15 pairs of pants in 60 seconds or less? The closet pants rack is the premier storage device built for the task.The ultra efficient “front load” design and full extension soft close slides are the secrets to speed and better organization. Take the speed test and find out for yourself. After installing your new pants rack: test it against any hanger you can think of. Here’s a tip though.Forget those hangers especially made for pants. They are often the slowest and most awkward. There’s also a good reason wire hangers are free. They don’t work as well as a purposely designed storage device such as this. If you want to prolong the life of your pants, don’t hang them on wire or flimsy plastic hangers.Its a slow and frustrating process. The Closet pants rack wins the speed and efficiency test every time. Never mind that it just happens to be the best way to keep pants new,organized and , wrinkle free.Consider too the” side mount” version for tighter spaces

Benefits Of A Closet Pant Rack

Saving space with the premier closet pants rack is easy and is also part of the package.The “front loading” slide out design makes it quick and easy to get pants put away and organized fas .Regular pants hangers are slow and tiresome by comparison.Saving space with the premier closet pants rack is easy.  The 24-inch width features 12 pants hangers. The same number of pants stored on regular hangers can occupy up to 36 inches.You get even bigger savings using the 30 inch width with it’s 15 hangers.Why lose valuable space ? There is a better and quicker way.

Each hanger arm is covered with a ribbed non-slip clear tube.This provides added grip to hold pants securely in place. Each arm is also made from heavy duty chrome plated steel.The knob in front of the arm keeps the pants from sliding forward as the unit slides out of the cabinet.They pivot independent for easy selection and are locked in place by a heavy duty steel cross bar running across the rear of the mechanism. The cross bar itself is locked in place with a precision notch cut into each side of the housing. This guards against toque lock and twisting if you decided to really load up.This provides for incredible strength and a guarantee your unit will never twist.

The Closet Pant Rack  is assembled from the finest raw materials with scrupulous attention to detail.Each of the soft close slides are housed in custom aluminum housing for added strength and beauty. The closet pants rack organizer ; it is the perfect way to quickly and efficiently organize a closet in style.Engineered for elegance, longevity and strength.Take the speed test. You’ll be glad you did.




Installs with only four screws in a 14″ or 16″ deep cabinet system.  Call toll free 1.888.572.2434 with any questions.

  • hang and store 15 pairs of pants in 60 seconds or less
  • elegant satin chrome or satin nickel finish also available.
  • holds 12/ 15 pair of pants
  • designed to fit 24″  /30″cabinet/closet opening
  • standard built-in soft close gliding hardware for easy slideout access
  • mounts with only 4 screws
  • now with 3rd generation torque lock / notch back














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24 inch wide, 30 inch wide


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