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Pull Down Closet Rod

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Product Description

 Pull Down Closet Rod

Do you need a pull down closet rod ? Yes: You will benefit from a pull down rod if you have high ceilings in your closet.


Therefore,a pull down closet rod will allow you to take advantage of all your available space. Up to the ceiling and down to the floor.Seasonal items and clothes you seldom wear are good candidates for a pull down.



Accordingly,less accessible(higher up) places work well for off-season storage and are ideal for pull downs. You don’t need to go searching for a stool or a ladder .The pull down closet rod becomes the permanent answer.


Consequently,ceilings over 9 feet high become prime real estate for storing items you rarely use.The pull down closet rod offers storage planning options in places you never knew you had.


Adjustable Closet Pull Down

Customizing the rod any width up to 42 inches is easy.Just cut the rod to your size. Therefore, you don’t have to order the exact size for your opening.Use the rule of 42 . It works in over 90% of spaces that might require a pull down.


The premier pull down closet rod uses  a”Gravity Control” approach.  Hydraulic, dual dampeners control the inertial forces of gravity.This is a gravity assistance mechanism. It easily and reliably handles heavy loads( up to 36 lbs).


“Gravity Control” delivers a better experience.The result is confidence in motion along the arc of travel in both directions.



The Closet Pull down is a blend of premium technologies.You can see this by reviewing the product gallery images. A modern architectural profile is the resulting look.


The dual dampening gravity control mechanism is the heart of the apparatus. Enclosing the mechanism in an all steel housing delivers a modern aesthetic..See the image above.  This gives a result that cannot be achieved with plastic, or wood.


Additionally,Cabinet Organizers also offers belt racks,http://cabinetorganizers.net/product/closet-belt-rack tie racks,scarf racks valet rods,http://cabinetorganizers.net/product/closet-valet-rod mirrors and ,pant racks among other things.


You can complement your pulldown with high end closet accessories.



Significantly, you must allow at least 60 inches from the back of your cabinets for the rod to deploy .The 60 inch rule is based on the assumption that the cabinet is at least 14 inches deep.

E,G, you need at 46 inches of available space directly in front of  your cabinet.This is to allow the user to be able stand directly in front of the cabinet while using the pull down.


Adapt accordingly, if there is backing or the cabinet depth is different.For instance, if your cabinets come with a 1 inch backing; allow 61 total inches or more.

i.e 47 inches in front of the cabinet.


Furthermore,this should allow enough room to stand back as the rod descends.It is a critical measurement in the planning of your space.

The three main benefits of a closet pull down are:

Firstly: You get to use using otherwise unusable space.


Secondly: Ease of accessibility.


Thirdly.Easy customization to your existing space



The premier pull down is unique because it comes with a super strong aluminum rod. Re-inforcing ribs inside the rod are the reason.

Moreover the rod only strengthens with customization.The ” Silentech Pole” scratch resistant rod is anodized aluminum. It is ideal for this application.


It is light, strong and, easy to cut.


Finally, a key feature of the rod is the plastic shroud on top. Minimizing hanger screech: it acts as an additional layer of protection. A shroud is also in the regular premier nickel satin rod. See here :http://cabinetorganizers.net/product/premier-satin-nickel-closet-rod

In Summary, the premier closet pull down is a breakthrough. The “gravity control” mechanism delivers a superb feel.The result is confidence in motion along the arc of travel in both directions.  Pairing this feel with the use of a silent, scratch resistant “Silentech Pole” is the icing on the cake.




In conclusion,some points to consider:

  • superlative dual actual control.
  • 42 inch wide rod (rod can be cut down for narrower openings)
  • tested for weights up to 35 lbs
  • 14 inch depth partition or deeper
  • reinforced scratch resistant “Silentech Pole”
  • all new state of the art”gravity control technology” for premier motion feel and use
  • the closet pull down rod is a blend of premium design technologies. A modern architectural profile complete the look.







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