Tall Pull out pantry

Tall Pull Out Pantry

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 Tall Pull Out Pantry

Did you ever sit and think : why do I need a tall pull out pantry? Firstly, it provides a way to get additional storage capacity in tall spaces. That’s obvious .You will enjoy great convenient access anytime.You will never rummage through deep dark space again.But, there are other less obvious answers that you really need to know about.

Pull Out Pantry Next To Fridge

Having your pull out pantry in the center of your kitchen will cut down on time you spend running around looking for stuff..Moreover, placing it next to your refrigerator acts as an extension of the refrigerator.This is something many professional kitchen designers fail to take into consideration.


Most people don’t realize that many items commonly stored in a fridge, don’t belong there at all.They should be in your pantry.


Refrigerator No-Nos
You  need to know which foods belong in your pantry and not your fridge. Here’s a look at that list:

• Bananas
• Bread (freezer is okay)
• Coffee
• Garlic
• Onions (keep away from potatoes)
• Potatoes (keep away from onions)
• Tomatoes

All of the above belong in your  pantry.

Potatoes and are best stored in the bottom baskets.They weigh more than most pantry staples. It’s just better to store them lower down.As you know, they come in heavy cumbersome bags.It’s easier on your back too.

Besides, heavy duty mechanism with the built in soft close action actually works better the more weight you put on it.

Remember though, onions and potatoes never go in the same basket.They may taste great together in your favorite stew.

However, you need to keep them well apart. The reason, as the food safety experts at Penn State University point out, is that onions and potatoes can release moisture and gases that will cause the other to spoil faster.

Coffee, bananas and items you frequently use are ideal at eye level. Put the stuff you rarely use up top.



Consequently, streamlining meal preparation by storing cold foods and dry goods in their proper places is a good practice.Also,it will help you cut down on food waste. Everything you need will always be at your at fingertips.

Consider too putting a tall pantry on either side of the fridge.Space consultants advise against having too many small appliances on your countertops.Bread makers , mixers,toaster ovens, crock pots and the George Forman are all great candidates for the second pantry.Too many of these items strewn all over the workspace destroy the rhythm of your work and flow at meal times.

Put them away. They will always be there when you need them. Reclaim that lost counter space.

Were guessing not everybody has a massive kitchen. If you have additional space. Consider the Chefs pantry.It handles food storage similar to a fridge with french doors.

Additionally, positioning your pantry near the stove will create a great workstation.Use the triangle of the pantry , fridge and range to your best advantage.


Pull Out Pantry Hardware.

How easy is the pull out pantry hardware to install ?If you consider yourself “handy”. You can absolutely install it.However, it is more at the upper end of that scale. Meaning, a professional usually installs this kind of hardware.The hardest part of the process is getting the upper slide mechanism and the lower slide mechanism to match up. The rest is a piece of cake.One caveat of note. Split the door in two when attaching into the frame. The reason being is that tall slim doors have a tendency to warp overtime.The taller the door, the more likely it is to warp.

The pantry slides out of the cabinet on heavy duty ball bearing slide mechanism. There are 2 basic parts of the mechanism A top and a bottom.A height adjustable frame links the 2.

Mounting the baskets to the frame  adds storage capacity.Consequently,customization is easy because you decide where the baskets go.If your storage needs change over time. No problem. Rearrange baskets to fit your new needs..

This process is very easy.The baskets attach to the frame with all new “snap and connect’ technology.The baskets easily snap into the bracket. The bracket then connects to the frame.

“Snap and connect”  ensures your baskets are held sturdily in place.The result is smooth load management and secure cargo control.

Narrow pull-out pantry cabinet.

This unit can also be used as a narrow pull out pantry cabinet.The same frame and hardware is used.Narrower baskets are used in place.

Moreover this pantry pivots left or right 90 degrees.The swivel increases your cabinet pantry’s accessibility.The baskets, for instance, allow you to see every can and box at once.This reduces the amount of time you’ll spend rummaging.






.See below for key info.

  • 2 widths available 12 and 15 .75 inches
  • adjustable height 73.25 to 86.6 inches
  • split door mount configuration recommended
  • premier motion technology
  • door mount hardware included
  • soft close cabinet hardware
  • slides load rated to 220 lbs
  • 5 heavy gauge adjustable chrome baskets included
  • all new “snap and connect” hardware for quieter load management and easy adjustability
  • frameless cabinetry preferred
  • professional installation only


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