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Premier Blind Corner Pull Out with Soft Close

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Product Description

 Blind Corner Pullout 

The blind corner pull out with soft close design improves corner organization . You get full accessibility to blind corner cabinets.  Corners are typically difficult to reach.They require specialty hardware in order to be used efficiently.

Everything you need to make a blind corner accessible  is included in this design. The system ships complete in 1 box. It includes 4  heavy gauge adjustable chrome baskets, a steel sliding frame, and a free soft close upgrade.  The assembly installs and operates universally in either left or right hand corners.  Limited lifetime warranty.  


Blind corner cabinets are always a challenge to organize.The premier blind corner unit has a unique way of solving the problem.First of all, there is the easy-to-reach part of the cabinet. However the trick is to easily access the blind part of the cabinet.The premier blind corner optimizer is ideal when you have a cabinet opening of 16.2 inches or greater.The cabinet depth should be 21.25 inches or deeper.The cabinet width should be at least 30 inches.

Blind Corner Pull Out Unit

Corner Cabinet Measurements
Here are the measurements you will need to take from your existing cabinets.

Measure from the corner side wall to the door opening (inside the cabinet). You need to get a measurement of at least 16 3/16  inches

Then measure from the inside of the front of the cabinet to the back. you need to get a measurement of  at least 22 9/16 inches

Measure the total width of the inside of the cabinet. You need to get a measurement of at least 29 15 /16 inches .

The tools you need are a power drill and a tape measure. DIY is ok but professional installation is recommended.



A blind corner system is perfect for aging in place considerations or wherever easy access is a priority.  The inclusion of specialty hardware allows the user to mount the cabinet door directly to the steel frame for an integrated modern look (see image).

The door mounting hardware is not shown in the drawing.  This upgrade works well when combined with soft close functionality.  You may also mount the door directly to the cabinet itself in the traditional manner.  The blind corner pull out works seamlessly with both modern and traditional designs.

Blind Corner Cabinet Hardware

Key Question : What is the difference between the premier blind corner pull out and the magic corner pullout?

There are several differences. The first one is the size of the cabinet and the door opening.The magic corner is typically for a wider space and requires a bigger door opening.They both have 2 tier basket systems and soft close operation.

The biggest functional difference is that only 2 of the baskets come completely out of the cabinet while the other 2 slide into view. The premier blind corner basket has all 4 baskets coming out of the cabinet if so desired.

The magic corner was the original design and it has been improved on any times since its introduction.  The premier pull out blind corner came later. There is no right or wrong way to service the corner. The choice is simply yours.

Both work very well and the choice may often be dependent on what the cabinet dimensions are.You might also consider the premier lazy suzan . In the case of a brand new kitchen, the choice is probably governed more by what dimensions best suit the design.

Corner Cabinet Dimensional & Hardware Summary

  • Minimum cabinet interior width: 3o inches
  • Minimum cabinet suggested opening: 16.5 inches
  • Minimum cabinet height: 24 inches
  • Heavy duty ball bearing glides load rated to 200 lbs
  • 2.75 inch clearance between rear of baskets and cabinet edge when unit fully deployed
  • Free upgrade to premier soft close motion
  • Included free: cabinet door mounting hardware that enables the user to mount the door directly to the sliding steel frame/door itself not included
  • Universal hardware works in both left and right corners
  • All four of the included storage baskets slide completely out of the cabinet and recess back afterwards
  • Door mount adjustable hardware included as added bonus
  • Perfect for builder projects and remodels
  • Great addition to the intelligent kitchen and aging in place designs
  • Professional installation recommended
  • Ships complete in one box
  • Call 1.888.572.2434

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