Closet Valet Rod
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Closet Valet Rod


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Product Description

 Closet Valet Rod

This versatile closet valet rod is the perfect addition to any closet.


Closet valets provide instant relief for over filled closets.


Basically, it’s a pull out rod that allows you to hang up or “valet’ your clothes for a specific occasion.


Pull it out when you need it and push it back in out of the way when you don’t.


Going on a trip? Use the closet valet to hang and pack a garment bag.


Also, it’s ideal for preparing clothes on their way to the dry cleaner.


In reality, the possibilities are endless.


As you will see, the telescoping valet rod transforms any closet into a better organized space.

How Might The Closet Valet Rod Work In Your Life?


There are many scenarios  in which this closet valet rod can contribute to your everyday needs.



Imagine it’s the night  before the busy work day ahead.Your own personal closet valet will give you a head start…



Pick out your outfit the night before so you have one less thing to do in the morning.



Hang it on the valet.It will be ready when you start your day..



Most closets benefit from multiple valets..Yours will too.



As a bonus, your new  closet valet extends over 11 inches from the front of your cabinet.That’s usually well past any coats or jackets so you can clearly see your choice.

 A Note On Closet Valet Rod Quality


The durable design of the closet valet rod is strong yet beautiful.Only high quality metals are used in the construction.The housing is made from light super strong aluminum metal.

An electroplating process is then applied.


In simple words, this changes the metal, providing a superb decorative finish.


The finish is tougher, resistant to corrosion and lasts a long time in humid or coastal locations.

It’s  available in shiny chrome, satin nickel, or oil rubbed bronze finishes.


Install easily into predrilled system hole. Hard screw with mounting plate template if necessary.


The valet is actually part of a larger family of accessories.Consider adding a belt rack or a tie rack to fully accessorize your space

Benefits of a Closet Valet Rod

Closet Valet rods are far more functional than your conventional robe hooks and hold many more items.

You may have too many clothes and too little space to store them.Closet valets provide instant relief for over filled closets.


They will help you make the most out of any closet. They pull out when you need them and retract out of the way when you don’t.


Upgrading your closet with valet service is a way better option than having to resort to the nearest door handle .


And , forget about laying your items on the bed, trying to plan ahead


Obviously, adequate planning requires a dedicated space.


Also, it’s way easier when everything is hanging at eye level.


The  closet valet creates instant  space when you need it. Literally out of thin air.


There is magic in it’s simplicity.


Hence, the closet valet rod is a super functional  product.


Moreover, it installs easily and is arguably the quickest and most affordable way to provide clever customization in your closet.


Therefore,it is amongst the most innovative, useful residential cabinet storage and organization product you can imagine.


Well made and durable. Every closet can be made more organized with the addition of a closet valet.Two or more is usually the norm. Especially if it’s a his and hers closet.


Extendable Closet Valet Rod

The  extendable closet valet rod is ideal for non-closet placements such as in a dresser or armoire.


Attach it to a wall. It’s ease of installation makes it extremely versatile.


Alternatively, use it as a retractable clothes pull out rod. It is perfect for hanging one or several items.


When laying out your clothes, the valet rods provide what you need to hang your suit or dress.


It adds elegance to any closet space.


The heavy duty metal rod hangs clothes when dressing, packing or assembling outfits.


The pull out rod wardrobe clothes hanger rail is a convenient holder for dry cleaning, garment bags, or to setup outfits.


It offers extra hanging storage space when  pulling clothing off of your main closet rod.


Closet valets are a versatile accessory in any closet, regardless of size.They are a multi-function tool.Use several to hang up your clothes, necklaces, neckties, scarves, etc.

How to Install a Closet Valet Rod.

Valet rods are designed for universal left or right mounting or under a shelf installation.


The mounting bracket comes with pre-drilled holds which are designed to easily fit nearly every closet system out there.


If your system does not have pre-drilled panels, the valet is easily hard screwed into the mounting surface.


The only tools you will need are a screwdriver and/or power drill and a special allen key.


The allen key is included in your packaging.


It allows you to set the main body of your new  valet flush with the cabinet edge so the  rod ball sticks out just past the partition.


Or ,you can mount the valet including the ball flush with the edge of the cabinet.


This is useful if you want to hang a door in front of your cabinet


The install is very DIY friendly. The mounting hardware is fully concealed, creating a beautiful  functional storage product.


In summary, the valet rod is available 14” lengths.3 finishes are available including polished chrome, oil rubbed bronze, and satin nickel.


Your new valet rod will come with fast shipping and great packaging.

It’s easy to install . 10 minutes if all holes line up. If holes don’t line up, easily mark & drill your own holes

Match drill size to existing shelf holes & drill approximately 5/16″ inch deep.

Finally, tighten the assembly with mounting screws. An Allen wrench tightens for the set screws that secure the body in place on the mounting frame.


In conclusion, the valet is a perfect match to the Cabinet Organizers exclusive “Touch Open” belt and tie racks.


‘Every closet benefits  from valet accessories.

Cabinet Organizers offers one of the most complete closet accessory programs around.


  • Satin Nickel , Oiled Rubbed Bronze and Chrome finishes.
  • Closet rod easily retracts and locks into casing when not in use.
  • The 7/8 inches diameter knob prevents hangers from slipping off.
  • Holds 35 pounds.
  • 14 inches deep with 32mm hole pattern. Universal Mount on either side of the closet partition [ left or right]or under/ below a shelf.

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14 inch


Satin Nickel, Matte Black, Chrome


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