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Slide-Out Pants Rack


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Product Description

Slide-Out Pants Rack

The slide-out pants rack allows you to organize and hang your pants pants in 30 seconds or less .



Furthermore, it is an accessory that will keep your closet organized and save you time.



The ultra efficient “side loading” design and full extension slides are the secrets to better organization.


Consequently,saving space with the side mount pants rack is easy.



In addition,there is also a bigger” front load” sibling suitable for larger spaces.See it here at



There’s a good reason wire hangers are free.



Frankly, they don’t work as well as a purposely designed storage device.


So, if you want to prolong the life of your pants, don’t hang them on wire or flimsy plastic hangers.


The side mount pants rack is a great way to keep pants new, organized and, wrinkle free.


As a result,the pants rack is a core essential when it comes to great closet organization.


Furthermore, the pull out sliding mechanism ensures full visibility and allows you to efficiently manage your space.


The front/side loading design  allows easy on/off storage, and eliminates the need to “feed” pants onto a hanger.


Also, it’s very easy to use.


You get a great design that keeps pants neat, organized and, conveniently spaced apart.

Pants Hangers

The pivoting pants hangers make wardrobe decisions quick and easy.


Heavy duty construction and elegant design make this pull out pant rack both functional and beautiful.


Moreover ,the hangers are actually steel rods known as “Trouser Bars”


They are a simple and compelling alternative to the ubiquitous dry cleaner hanger..


As a professional, maintaining that razor sharp crease in your pants is an important part of the way you present yourself to clients.


The slide-out pants rack ensures that razor sharp edge is always there.

Pants Hanger

This  pants hanger is a speciality device that’ll prevent pant-slippage by incorporating the use of the super strong and efficient trouser bars..


Therefore, you will get all the advantages enjoyed by the finest tailors.


A storage necessity that will ensure your nicely ironed dress pants never again slide off the hanger.


How ? You may ask .


Well, each trouser bar is covered with a non-slip clear tube ribbing.


Consequently, they prevent pants from slipping.


They give you grip by adding friction.


Your pants will stay in place.


Also, a heavy heavy duty chrome plating protects the steel bars.


The knob in front of the arms keeps the pants from sliding off as the unit slides out of the cabinet.


Furthermore, these trouser bars pivot independently for easy selection and are removable.


As a bonus, the weight of the pants adds a gearing effect, generating a premium feel.


Enhancing this feel is the premium nylon roller and the full extension ball bearing slide.


And, the slide is hidden behind a steel housing giving you great aesthetics.


The self lubricating nylon ensures you enjoy a lifetime of wonderful service.


The Closet Pant Rack brings together the finest raw materials .


Check out the gallery images to see the types of premium components in your new device.



Finally,perhaps your cabinet opening is more than 15 inches.


You may now have space on the opposite side of where the pant rack is mounted.


Perhaps your opening is 18, 19, 20 inches or whatever.


There is no need to waste any of this space.


Optimize the additional width for efficiency.   Consider installing a tie rack


Maybe you like to store your belts side by side with your pants.


Perhaps a belt rack is the better option for you.


In  conclusion, the slide-out pants rack is a great way to quickly and efficiently organize your space.


Take the speed test.  You’ll be glad you did.

Pants Rack Dimensions / Installation Instructions.

  • installs in cabinets 14 inches deep or more
  • you need at least an opening of 15 inches left to right
  • installs in left or right side. Universal mounting.
  • trouser bar construction
  • hole pattern lines up with system 32 panels.
  • can be hard screwed if no hole pattern in cabinetry.
  • ships complete in 1 box.
  • designed for professionals and DIYer’s as well

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