Closet Tie Rack – Satin Nickel 14″


Product Description

Closet Tie Rack

The closet tie rack is an essential organizing instrument for the professional man.


It’s important to look your best.


Storing your collection of fine ties should not require any thought.


Nor should it require not any effort.


Every component is just right .

The Benefits of A Closet Tie Rack?

Obviously, the tie rack is a dedicated accessory built for ties.


But, there are other ways to store ties.


For instance, many people store their ties in a drawer.


This is Ok but not optimal.


Because, they are not hanging freely.


You must be careful to fold the tie correctly.


Perhaps, you’d prefer to roll it up.


Neither of these alternatives are the best way to do things.


The ties will still wrinkle or not retain their shape properly.


None of these issues exist when you use a tie rack.


Your ties will always look their best at moments notice.


Rarely will you have to iron them.


As they hang, they decompress


Tie racks provide a super easy way to stay organized.


They are a good investment.


How to choose the best tie rack

A tie rack is the easiest way to prolong the life of your tie. This is an all steel tie rack .


Hanging up your ties and is the best way to maintain your collection.


Obviously, ties are vulnerable to creases or wrinkles if they aren’t stored properly.


There’s nothing worse than reaching for your favorite tie and realizing you need to steam it.


That won’t happen if you use a tie rack.


Store your ties somewhere cool and dark, making your closet an ideal place.


Keep your tie hanger away from any sun to avoid the fabric becoming faded.

This stylish and practical closet organizer features eight double bar storage rack on a smooth pull-out design.


It  provides convenient access to your hanging ties.


Mounting holes are set to the industry standard 32 mm pre-drilled closet partitions.


The Deluxe Satin Nickel Sliding Belt Organizer features commercial grade steel and aluminum construction with a contemporary satin nickel finish.


Included mounting hardware remains hidden to provide a clean, refined look.


The 8 large storage hooks can conveniently accommodate multiple ties or necklaces.


Can be mounted in either a left or right side installation.


An excellent match to our satin Nnckel belt rack and valet rod.

In addition eaxch tie bar is covered in a clear see through plastic ribbing tube.

This adds friction to the bar and allows your ties to hang freely without accidentally slipping off.

Durable high grade steel and aluminum construction with contemporary satin nickel finish
Hidden mounting screws to maintain a clean finished look

7 large, sturdy storage hooks that can accommodate multiple belts

Includes screws and instructions for mounting in existing melamine closet partitions
May be mounted in a left or right application on a 14″ or deeper partition


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