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Sliding Belt Rack


technology is driving progress.


Product Description

Sliding Belt Rack

The sliding belt rack sees it’s most significant upgrade in over a decade.


There are now 3  parts to the new belt rack’s identity.


Firstly, there is the “push to open” mechanism.


Secondly, restyling the all steel modern bodywork into a sleek instrument was necessary.


Finally, making it available in matte black became very important.

Belt Rack For Closet.

Simply unlock the belt rack by applying a light push to the front of the housing .


The closet belt rack will effortlessly slide out of your cabinet .


This same action locks the belt rack in place when retracted after use.



The belt rack is usually the second or third  most common accessory that a closet professional will use in designing a space.


Incidentally, the closet valet rod is the most popular. You can check it out here


The tie rack is the other.


As a rough rule of thumb, belt racks and tie racks are installed in roughly equal quantities in places like New York and all along the east coast.


The belt rack is still the best seller.


Gradually, as you head west the belt rack begins to outsell the tie rack more and more.


By the time you get to Hawaii, it’s all valets and belt racks and virtually no tie racks.



So ,the moral of the story is.No matter where you live , you could probably use a belt rack in your closet.

 Belt rack wall mount.

The belt rack wall mount option is also another consideration.


However, remember this is a sliding belt rack .


You may want to find a wall where you can still use the sliding action.


The sliding unit will remain locked shut if you don’t need it to open.


Most importantly this all new belt rack transforms any closet into a better organized space.


Mc Garrett would have loved this one. Unfortunately, the technology was not available then.


In a rapidly changing world, the power of technology to drive progress is essential in creating the best.


Embracing the newest technology and blending it with impeccable design principles has produced the sliding belt rack for the modern closet.


It’a timeless gem with push open technology.


However, it has just gone through another update.


It’s now available in Matte Black which has opened a whole new area of design.


Matte Black is edgy, bold and unapologetic.


Designing and building for those who are never content with things as they are is difficult, but rewarding.


Slidelock Open slide technology  locks the belt rack in position until activated.  To activate, simply “Push to Open”.


Presented in a timeless contemporary design, the latest expression of the upscale closet belt rack is here.


“Push to Open” is redefining what essentials belong in America’s most exclusive closets.


It belongs in your closet. Mc Garrett couldn’t have it, but you can.


Install in either a left or right side partitions.  Slidelock technology is available in tie racks , belt racks, and scarf racks.

  • 14 inches deep / 32mm hole pattern with direct access mounting
  • 7 hooks hold up to 21 belts or more
  • full extension ball bearing slides.
  •  available in satin nickel, polished chrome and matte black finishes.

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14 inch


Satin Nickel, Chrome, Matte Black


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