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Inspire Pull Down Closet Rod


Adjustable Width For A Custom Fit.

Just trim from each side for custom size.

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Product Description

Inspire Pull Down Closet Rod

The “Inspire” pull down closet rods allow you to take full advantage of those high ceilings in your closet.


Obviously, you benefit from anything that gives you more closet space.


So, how do you take advantage of an area you are probably not using?


The answer might be the Inspire closet pull down for those homes with high ceilings.


As you know, letting all of that free space go unused is not ideal.


Especially, if you have a lot of height to work with.


But, sometimes it’s hard to know how to choose the right hardware.


Thankfully, there is one pull down system which will work extremely well in nearly all situations..

The 3 reasons why the Inspire Pull down is a top choice among closet designers

  1. Its strength.The hardware is heavy duty all steel premium satin nickel.
  2. It can fit any size opening. (trim up to 42 inches) Adjustable fit for a custom fit,
  3. It’s beautiful.Adds elegance to anybody’s closet.


DIY Pull Down Closet Rod

So, what benefits come by installing a DIY Inspire pull down closet rod?


Typically, seasonal items and clothes you seldom wear are good candidates for pull down closet rods.


They will help you maximize every inch of that upper space.


Remember, that is  space you are probably not using.


Also, the less accessible (higher up) places work well for your off-season items.


Moreover, you don’t need to go searching for a stool or a ladder whenever you need it.


The Inspire pull down closet rod is the permanent answer.


And, for the lower down area, you can continue to use the regular fixed rod or everyday shelves.


Generally, ceilings over 9 feet high become prime real estate for storing items you seldom use.


This space was often forgotten about before the advent of the pull down.


Formally, expensive high cabinets that needed ladders and other awkward devices to access your belongings were the only options.


Now,the Inspire pull down closet rod changes all of that.It opens up a whole new world in home storage.


Pneumatic Pull Down Rod.

Easily make sure all of your clothes are conveniently accessible with your choice of the Inspire Wardrobe Lift.


Conveniently, bring down up to 35 pounds of clothing to eye level with the premier counter weighting technology.


This pull down is all metal construction and has a 2 piston system to maintain soft opening and closing.


This is specialty hardware that keeps your space organized without jeopardizing the visual appeal of the closet.


And, it’s fully compliant with the principles of “Universal Design” for age in place projects.


Pull Down Closet Rod For Closet

Having a pull down closet rod in your closet can add many advantages to your personal space.


“Adjustable Width for a Custom Fit.” is a key advantage you only get with the Inspire pull  down.


But, why is this important ?


Well, most pull downs do not come in adjustable widths.


In fact, rarely can they be used to retrofit existing cabinetry. They just don’t have the versatility.


Likewise, when planning a new space, it’s great to be able to have the freedom to be creative.


For example,make the Inspire pull down any width you wish.


Use several in different width applications of your choice.


So, don’t get locked in with static sizes. Your space deserves perfect attention.


Now, customizing the rod any width up to 42 inches is easy.


Just trim the rod to your desired width.


Cut an equal amount from opposite ends of the rod so the handle remains in the center.


In theory, you would have to buy many different pull downs just to cover all those options.


However, the reality is most pull downs are mass assembled in a very limited size options.


Unfortunately, they cannot be customized in any way, shape or form.


The few that can cover varying widths use a telescoping bar which can weaken as it lengthens.


The Inspire rod does not come with any of these drawbacks.


Obviously, it’s better to custom fit your size with the full strength reinforced rod that comes standard with this premier hardware.


Use the rule of 42 . It works. It covers over 90% of spaces that might require a pull down.


Adjustable width for a custom fit is the very best way to plan your space.



Pull Down Closet Rod Heavy Duty

Make no mistake about it ,this pull down closet rod is heavy duty.


But, what does that really mean ?


Firstly, it entails using “Gravity Control” hydraulic, dual dampeners to harness the inertial forces of gravity.


Hence, this is a premier gravity assistance mechanism.


Why? go to all this trouble you might ask.


Because, it must easily and reliably handle heavy loads (up to 35 lbs).


And,”Gravity Control” delivers a better user experience.


Whats better about it ?


In simple terms, the more weight you put on it the better it will work.


The result is confidence in motion along the arc of travel in both directions.


Translation: when you let it go back into the cabinet……


It won’t fly back in and jettison all your clothes off the bar and on to the floor.


In other words , it restrains the load as it moves back into the closet.


35 pounds is actually a lot of weight if it is not properly handled.


The dual pistons handle everything.


They are calibrated to counter the weight of your clothes.


Best of all, they are housed in no leak forever sealed all steel chambers.


Result: everything is controlled and very premium.




As you can see ,the Inspire Closet Pull down is a blend of premium technologies. and premier materials.


It’s best in class .A modern architectural profile is the resulting look.


The dual dampening gravity control mechanism is the heart of the apparatus.


Enclosing the mechanism in an all steel housing delivers a modern aesthetic..


This strength and look gives a result that cannot be achieved with plastic, or wood.


Notice too how the uprights remain closely spaced to the sidewalls of the cabinet. This ensures you get the maximum amount of hanging space per given width of cabinet.


Hence, there is no unnecessary waste .


Minimalist piston housings are both functional and aesthetic. They can be narrower because they are made from steel and not plastic.


Again ,the use of extra strength material allows us to give you space back where you really need it.


We reposition the gain in space back in the length of the rod by using narrower but stronger hardware.


As a bonus, stronger  grade materials mean more space being available for your everyday needs.


Additionally,Cabinet Organizers also offers belt racks, tie racks,scarf racks valet rods, mirrors and ,pant racks among other things.


You can complement your pulldown with high end closet accessories.



Above all, you must allow at least 60 inches from the back of your cabinets for the rod to deploy .The 60 inch rule is based on the assumption that your cabinet is at least 14 inches deep.


As an example, you need at 46 inches of available space directly in front of  your cabinet.This is to allow the user to be able stand directly in front of the cabinet while using the pull down.


This is a critical measurement in the design of your space. Do the math ahead of time.


Adapt, if there is backing or the cabinet depth is different.


For instance, if your cabinets come with a 1 inch backing; allow 61 total inches or more.


i.e. 47 inches from the front edge of the cabinet in the example. Your space will obviously be different.


Furthermore, this should allow enough room to stand back as the rod descends.It’s the one thing most people overlook.


Ideally,you need the area totally free of clutter and obstruction directly in front of the closet pull down.This planning advice is part of a set of “best practices ” that all great  closet professionals use.


In other words, it’s important for you to have enough room in front of the pull down to use it comfortably.


This might seem obvious but it’s important to know.


So, plan like a pro. You’ll be glad you did.


The three main benefits of the Inspire closet pull down are:

1: Reclaim valuable space .


2: Ease of accessibility.


3. The Adjustable width for a custom fit.It becomes unique to you.Hand to glove storage for your high ceilings.



Hence, this premier pull down is unique because it comes with a super strong aluminum rod.



Moreover, the actual “closet rod” portion of the mechanism only strengthens with customization.


Also, the ” Silentech Pole” is  scratch resistant rod anodized aluminum. It is ideal for this application.


And, it’s light, strong and, easy to cut.


Finally, a key feature of the pull down rod is the plastic shroud on top.


Why is it there?



Because , it minimizes hanger screech:


And, it acts as an additional layer of protection on top of the already anodized aluminum rod


As an aside, the  shroud is also in the regular premier nickel satin rod. See here :

To summarize, the premier closet pull down is a breakthrough.


The “Gravity Control” mechanism delivers a superb feel and a great user experience.


The result is confidence in motion along the arc of travel in both directions.  Pairing this feel with the use of a silent, scratch resistant “Silentech Pole” is the icing on the cake.




In conclusion,some points to consider:

  • superlative dual actual control.
  • 42 inch wide rod (rod can be cut down for narrower openings)
  • adjustable width for a custom fit
  • comfort access spacing in front of your cabinet
  • tested for weights up to 35 lbs
  • 14 inch depth partition or deeper
  • reinforced scratch resistant “Silentech Pole”
  • all new state of the art”gravity control technology” for premier motion feel and use
  • the Inspire  closet pull down rod is a blend of premium design technologies. A modern architectural profile complete the look.






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