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Pull Out Ironing Board




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Product Description

 Pull Out Ironing Board

The “Ironman” pull out ironing board is big enough to tackle your toughest ironing requirements and small enough to fit in a drawer.


In any case, a pull out ironing board is one of the most versatile accessories you can have in your home.


Generally speaking, built in boards greatly reduce the hassle when it comes to ironing.


The reason is very simple.


As a rule, one of the most tedious parts about ironing is setting up the ironing board.


Arguably, others might say it’s putting the board away  again after each use.


Either way, laundry can be very frustrating when you have to deal with traditional board designs.


Obviously, they can be awkward and difficult to work with.


It’s just no fun having to set up and break down most everyday ironing boards.


They are not very user friendly.


But, there is a better way.


The Ironman way.


 It’s quick & easy.



Hide Away Ironing Board


Ironman can be a hideaway or open shelf mounted.


Hence, it’s very versatile.


And, this makes it a super efficient use of space.


Also, it’s packed full of key usability features.


Therefore, it’s radically different from what you are probably used to.


Finding the right pull out ironing board is just as important as finding the right iron.


Naturally, they go together like hand and glove.


But, they both must combine to make the task of ironing as pleasant as possible.


So, here are a few ways the Ironman can make your life easier.


  • Ironman can be a drawer or a shelf mount pull out ironing board.
  • You can press your clothes with greater convenience than a regular board.
  • Ironing will  go faster and easier than with your everyday board.
  • Ironman works for all types of garments. You can iron shirts, pants dresses, etc.
  • It’s packed with additional features no other ironing board can offer.

Hidden Ironing Board


Practically speaking  this hidden ironing board does a lot of things your standard board will not do.


For example, it slides in and out from a drawer or fixed shelf.


Conveniently, it folds in two, taking up very little space.


Yes, it’s a folding ironing board.


Also, it rotates 180 degrees to offer 5 fully locked in workstations.


And, that’s not all.


As a bonus, it comes standard with a built in steel brace for added stability, should you need it.


Surprisingly, you get all of this in a super compact footprint .


Amazingly, all you need is only 24 inches in width ,  6 inches in height and a cabinet or shelf with a minimum of 14 inches in depth.


In addition, your Ironman comes with a special heat and fire resistant pad.


Furthermore, the cover presents a smooth thick surface to facilitate all your ironing.


It’s made from easily washable cotton and a thick foam cushioning.


It works brilliantly in conjunction with the cross hatch steam holes.


Also, replacements are available should you ever need one.


As an added benefit, you select the optimum height of the drawer or shelf you wish to mount it on based on your unique set of needs.


Typically,the best height for an ironing board is your hip level.


Plan accordingly to fully customize the board to your exact requirements.


The Ironman boasts all steel construction. You’re  investing in something super heavy duty.


Why the use of such high end materials and attention to detail you might ask?


Because, this  added strength ensures the center of gravity remains well back in the cabinet when in use.


The result is  a better experience when you iron.


Also, there is a built in soft close piston that acts in unison to the premier full extension ball bearing slides for optimum usability.


Moreover, the Ironman has an incredible 5 different locked in workstations via the steel turret design for you to choose from.


Yes, this is the only ironing board that is literally built like a tank.


And, fully deployed the Ironing man is a whopping 38.5 inches in length.

Ironing Centers

The Ironman is ideal as the key component in one of todays modern ironing centers.,


As a foldingt ironing board  it can easily custom fit into the tightest designs.


It is a wonderful accessory to help keep all your fine garments looking their best.


In other words, it’s fully loaded.It has all the bells and whistles.


Collars and cuffs can get a quick touch up without having to drag out that big old board just for one or 2 items.


Everything is quick, fast and convenient.


Use it in your closet, laundry area, mud room, and scores of other locations.


Basically, you can benefit nearly anywhere in your home from Ironman’s super convenient features and space saving footprint.



Built In Ironing board

The Ironman is a built in  pullout ironing board that is easy to install and simple to use.


Ironman is perfect for those always on the go.


As you can see in the video, it takes seconds to set up and quickly hides away afterwards.


Furthermore, the mechanism slides forward on full extension soft close slides.  The result is an ironing board that has tremendous drawer appeal.


Also, this versatile pull out ironing board can be surface mount or hide away.


Hence, you get everything you need in the ultimate ironing board for the modern busy household.


For instance, the ironman sole plate has a strong steel mesh like construction.


This is important because most ironing is commonly done between  temperatures of 350–420 ° Fahrenheit.


And, these cross hatch configurations actually act as vent holes dissipating the heat.


Purposefully, they allow steam to easily escape.


You don’t need most fabrics exposed to high heat very long.


Hence, this reduces the chances of you damaging some of your finer garments.


Incidentally, this is a feature that all well made ironing boards share.


Featured, too in the video is the all new Push to Open Satin Nickel Closet Belt Rack the All New Push to Open Telescopic Closet Valet Rod.


The Built in Ironing Board Key Dimensions:


As you know,the compact footprint takes up very little space.


You need to have a cabinet that is at least 24 inches wide and 14 inches deep.


Moreover, if you want to hide the board behind a drawer face,


Make sure you leave a height of at least 6 inches between each shelf.


You will mount the drawer face directly to the shelf, not the unit itself.


You can use several type of concealed  hinges depending on your situation.


A standard 130 degree euro hinge is used in the video.


In theory you could use , 110 even up to a 165 degree hinges depending on what is directly below your drawer.


Most applications will use between 110 to 160 degree hinges.


Always used concealed hinges for the cleanest possible look.


Here is a quick video explaining the different type of hinges.


If the drawer does not drop down and become directly flush with the shelf,


That’s not a problem. Spacers are included to raise the ironing board from the shelf floor if needed.


These will allow the ironing board to slide out over the open drawer face unimpeded.


Everything has been thought out ahead of time.


The last thing to remember is to secure the mounting shelf  itself.


That is the shelf where you attach the ironing board.


Then, simply screw the base of the ironing board to the shelf. 4 screws. That’s it.


This base shelf has to be fixed, it cannot move.


Kreg joints are perfect for an application such as this.


You can see what a Kreg joint looks like in the gallery above.


They are very strong.


Click here for  additional info on Kreg Joints


Alternatively ,you can also hard screw the shelf with wood screws from the sides if you wish.


Bear in mind, Kreg Joints would be the pro approach.



Retractable Ironing Board


In conclusion, the Ironman is extremely useful.


Obviously, nearly all homes have an ironing board but few have a purpose built board that offers this level of hassle free convenience.


So, even if you already own an ironing board,the Ironman is worth having.


Finally, you will love the convenience and versatility a pull out  ironing board will bring to your life.


Here is the uber efficient solution when your blouse or special garment needs quick and immediate attention.


Running late with the busy day ahead ?… The Ironman will save the day.


However,don’t be fooled by it’s compact size.


It punches well above it’s weight.Iron one or as as many items are you want in a single session.


Remember, there is no setup time once this pull out ironing board has been installed.

Shelf mount the board for open access.


The choice is yours.


In summary,premium features include heavy duty steel base hardware,soft close motion & 5 different secured positions over 180 degrees.


Also,the retractable steel frame can also be deployed to further support the assembly for heavier loads.

Therefore, the Ironman is automatic, always ready to go.


No matter what, this pull out ironing board will keep you looking your best.



Key points to consider:

  • easy installation: mounts to fixed shelf with 4 screws.
  • hide behind drawer face or simple shelf mount
  • very little space required:min 24″ wide, 14″ deep,6″ high
  • board dimensions: 19.5″ folded, 38.5″ deployed, 13.5 wide
  • uniquely engineered heavy duty steel swivel turret design hides premier ball bearing action
  • 5 locked in work stations across 180 degrees
  • soft close hardware standard
  • integrated pull out heavy gauge steel support frame
  • custom made heat resistant foam pad included
  • compact footprint/great use of space
  • call toll free 1.888.572.2434 for customer service.Summary below
  • pull out ironing board: 19 1/2″ (Folded), 38″ (Open), 13 1/2 D, tapers to 5
  • steel Mounting Frame: 13 1/2″ D x 11 3/4″ W x 2 1/2″ .Board and Mounting combined: 4 1/2″ H, Fit 24″ wide closet system.Heavy-duty, steel ball-bearings swivel base hardware
    • Hide Away Ironing Center

      Ironing Center


      Compact Ironing Board Hidden in a drawer

      Drawer Mounted Ironing Board

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