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Sliding Pants Rack


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Product Description

 Sliding Pants Rack

Fold and hang all your pants with astonishing speed using the sliding pants rack. The “Front Load” design and full extension soft close slides are the secrets to better organization.


However,when it comes to taking care of your pants,most experts agree on 3 rules.


Firstly,make sure you use the right hangers. Secondly,never use triangular wire hangers.Finally,leave some breathing room.


Typically,there should be some space between the hangers. your pants should not be all bunched up. They must always hang wrinkle free.


Sliding Pant Rack

Rethink your hanger.With the sliding pants rack, it encourages you to fold your pants in half, lengthwise down the crease of the garment.This is the very best way to store pants.



Ideally , if space was not a premium, everybody would just lie their pants down flat. This is not really an option for anybody. Most people use the everyday triangular hanger from their dry cleaners. You have to thread the pants though the hanger . It’s not easy, can be frustrating.Sometimes, the pants seem too wide.


Finally , you can get the pants through.


Sadly, the crease does not line up correctly. Then, you think you may have done it.

But, the whole hanger collapse inward and loses its shape. It simply could not handle the weight this time.It’s back to square one.


Thankfully, There is a better way..


Hopefully, you realize hanger choice matters.


They must be durable and suited for their task.

For instance,hangers on this premium hanging pant rack system don’t require you to thread through any small metal triangle.There are no hoops or triangles to jump through. Pardon the pun.


Simply, line up the crease and just drape your pants over the horizontal hanger bar. It’s easy . Also each steel hanger is correctly spaced. They leave adequate breathing room.Proper spacing also makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

There is no bunching. You did it in seconds.You pants are folded correctly and hanging wrinkle free.


Also, these hangers are actually steel rods.They can’t bend.Hanger slouch is impossible.Furthermore,each hanger comes with a non-slip clear tube ribbing.Your pants will stay securely in place. The hangers are heavy duty chrome plated steel.The knob in front prevents the pants from sliding forward.


 Consider too, the “Side Mount” version



Also,the hanger arms pivot independently.They operate on the correct spacing system.Moreover, this spacing allows pants to have the necessary breathing room.


In addition,it also ensures they hang wrinkle free.As a bonus,the weight of the pants activates a luxury gearing effect.The hangers swing using a light touch.



Hanging Pants Rack


Saving time with the hanging pants rack is easy.The” front loading” design allows easy on/off storage, eliminating the need to “feed” or “thread” pants onto a hanger.


Therefore,you get a great design that keeps pants organized and, conveniently spaced apart

 Saving space with the sliding pants rack is easy . The 24-inch width features 12 pants hangers. Storing the same number of pants on regular hangers can occupy up to 36 inches.You get even bigger savings using the 30 inch device. It operates with 15 hangers.


Pant Rack For Closet

Furthermore ,forget those department store pant hangers .They are often the slowest and most awkward to use.


In summary, hanger choice matters.There’s a good reason wire hangers are free. They don’t work as well as a purposely designed storage device. The sliding pants rack wins the speed and efficiency test every time. It’s the way to keep pants organized and  wrinkle free.Consider too the” side mount” version for



In conclusion,the sliding closet pants rack is a great accessory to have in your closet.Your pants will always have a dedicated space. They won’t end up on the floor.

Some things to consider

  • front load design
  • optimal spacing between hangers
  • includes 14″ full extension soft close ball bearing slides
  • available in widths of 24″ (holds 12 pairs of pants) and 30″ (holds 15 pairs of pants.
  • each non slip hanger is approximately 1/4 in diameter and 13 1/2 ” long
  • available finishes: Satin Chrome or Satin Nickel.
  • materials : Steel construction, Cast Aluminum slide housing

















Additional information

Weight N/A

24 inch wide, 30 inch wide


satin chrome


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