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Product Description

 Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer

The lazy Susan cabinet organizer is a great corner cabinet option.


Being, a large lazy Susan, it is a very unique and helpful.


This is one that will truly maximize your corner cabinet space.


Without a built-in lazy Susan, corner cupboards are underused.


Lazy Susans allow you to get the most advantageous storage space out of your cupboards.

Locate Things Easier

Because of their ability to rotate, lazy Susans shelving makes it easier to locate certain items.

With normal shelving in corner cabinets, there would be a lot of lifting, removing, and pushing aside in order to find the exact ingredient you need on those large shelves.

A lazy Susan allows you to organize your kitchen supplies and then easily bring items in the back to the front with its smooth rotation.

Installing a lazy susan in your corner cabinet will enhance your kitchen’s  functionality.


Obviously, the basic design is circular and typically rotates around 360 degrees.


However,this lazy susan cabinet organizer has some unique features and benefits.


In reality, it’s so much more than your regular run of the mill lazy susan.


Generally speaking,the dimensions of corner kitchen cabinets make lazy Susans’ ideal for  increasing accessibility.


Accessibility is one thing but usability is another.


Thankfully, this unit ranks high in both departments.


But ,some hybrid designs may only turn 180 degrees.Click for an example :


The lazy susan cabinet organizer is one of the top organizing and decluttering tools in the kitchen.


You can, of course, use a lazy Susan in any cabinet.


The lazy susan cabinet organizer cuts clutter by storing your supplies in one place.


Sometimes ,you can get access to more items in a smaller space.


The premier lazy susan has a wedge shaped cutout.


Here, it  looks like a missing piece of pie.


It lines up perfectly with the dimensions of the corner cabinet.


Therefore,you benefit from the ergonomics of a drawer and the efficiency of a lazy susan


Most people have a very good idea of what a large lazy susan can do in their cabinet.


However ,the most modern large lazy susans have come a long way since they were first recognized as kitchen accessories more than a 100 years ago.


Todays lazy susans are built for todays homeowner needs .


As a result, they offer real advantages over the traditional lazy susan.


Here are 4  benefits that every great lazy susan must deliver.

1. It must slide out of the cabinet offering easy access to your most used items

2.It must NOT have a center pole

3.It must have secure cargo management technology. e.g  Built in features that prevent your items from falling overboard and being lost in everyday operations.

4.It must be fully customizable to your specific needs




Top of the line modern lazy susans have the ability to slide out of the cabinet.


They essentially act as if they were a drawer.Hence the pie cut edge at the front.


It lines up perfectly with the cabinetry. The 90 degree corner is what you see in 80% of corner applications.

But, if you prefer  a radius corner (less than 20% of designs).

Just, slide the susan around and the back becomes the front.

The multi function cord driven slides have the unique ability to slide back or forward.It’s very cool access technology.

Look at all the usable space added to the center baskets by the removal of the traditional center pole..


You can clearly see the extra storage created in the picture.The pole removal allows for the drawer like access.

You don’t have to use the spinning motion to access your most used items.


They can slide out on the center baskets.The basket side walls are extra high to prevent any tall items from tipping over.


Nothing ever gets lost or tips over into the cabinet.


Also, this lazy susan is easy really to turn.


Or, you can change the resistance by using the “varilock” spin control. The choice is yours.

Additionally, you  can adjust the height of the susan frame to suit most any cabinet height .

And,  further customize the lazy susan basket heights.


This lazy susan is easy really to turn or you can make it more difficult by using the “varilock” spin control. The choice is yours.





State of the art lazy susan hardware delivers streamlined access to the lazy susan cabinet  any kitchen.

Spin, Slide & Select.

Nothing is out of reach.

Everything you need is always easily accessible and ready for use.

Previously hidden articles spin effortlessly into view.

The convenient center baskets slide out of the cabinet over the floor.

Raised 1.5 inch sidewalls on all baskets and “Varilock” speed spin control provide secure cargo management.

Perfect for aging in place designs or anybody with a difficult to access corner.

The premier lazy susan is a high traffic storage hub featuring 2 large baskets.

Each basket can slide out of the cabinet similar to a set of drawers.

A total of 6 adjustable heavy gauge baskets are included(4 are side mounted to the frame). they can easily handle all your storage needs.

All are easily adjustable and can be custom configured to personalize your space for ideal storage

In summary,the lazy susan cabinet organizer is  a steel heavy duty corner base cabinet organizer .

The loading capacity is 175 pounds .

Every basket mounts on a height adjustable(24 to 30.3 inches), master frame.

The unit requires an 12.25 inch cabinet opening and can spin 360 degrees either left or right.

Measure diagonally across the corner cabinet to get an accurate reading.

Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan Atlernative.

The 2 other options you might consider are the blind corner pullouts. Cabinet Organizers  offers 2 premier alternatives, the Magic Corner and also the Premier Blind Corner Pullout


Lazy Susan Cabinet Dimensions:

  • requires a minimum 12.25 inch cabinet opening. Y in the diagram
    pull out lazy susan specifications

    pull out lazy susan dimensions

  • actual pull out basket width is 10.1 inches. X in the diagram.
  • leaves  approximately 1 inch clearance on each side of the basket as it pulls out of the cabinet.
  • Value A in drawing  760mm =29.9 inches
  • Value B in drawing diameter of the unit 720 mm =28.35 inches
  • Minimum Cabinet depth 540mm =21.4 inches
  • heavy duty cabinet organizer
  • variable speed spin-lock control
  • raised sidewalls on all baskets for secure cargo management
  • 6 heavy gauge hi polish removable chrome baskets
  • steel frame base
  • full circle 360 lazy susan
  • no center post to get in the way
  • center baskets mount on full extension ball bearing slides
  • professional installation recommended
  • limited lifetime warranty
  • loading capacity 175 pounds
  • ships in 2 boxes 60 lbs
  • accessory dimensionslazy susan cabinet

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